Access Control

Access Control

Access control systems provided by our company are straightforward to operate. Briefly, it enables you to authorize who enters the premises/buildings and focuses on ‘who,where,when’ of a personnel’s movement in a particular area.

The access control system provided by True Security Consultant Ltd utilises swipe cards, finger-print and keypad options to ease key security functions such as; staff access during and after work hours, visitor log and management, tracking, emergency lockdowns, guarantee the security of assets etc. This system is an investment & a cost saving one on regular lock/key replacements.

It can be used on security cars, business premises, factories, banks, school’s staff premises, hospitals, hotel rooms etc.

Video Door bells

The thought of investing in a video door bell seems an effort, but, in today’s every increasing theft cases in Tanzania, it can be proven as a practical choice. It not only allows you to see but also be able to communicate with the visitor before you open the door.

True Security Consultant Ltd caters to such products which has the ease to be installed anywhere in the house for viewing the visitor and convenient. For a fact, it has low power consumption and adjustable functions.

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