Time and attendance

Time and Attendance system

Organisation in any business is vital and so is the case in ours. An automated time and attendance system allows you to organise the employee hours, eliminate manual frustration and increase efficiency.

We have ‘Anviz OC180’ – which is wall mounted RFID time attendance. Featured in ultrathin and fashionable appearance, OC180 adopt USA TI high speed CPU. In addition, OC180 have plug and play USB, TCP/IP networking communication and USB flash driver up and download. With all these excellent features, OC180 will undoubtedly become high cost performance professional RFID time attendance for small and medium enterprises.

We also offer the Anviz EP300 C2 and C3.

Time and Attendance systems help to manage your company’s labour costs and maximize profit in added years to come by concept of saving and miscalculations.